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Conveyor Belts

Ideal Foams Pvt. Ltd. is operating as a Supplier of different types of Conveyor Belts. We basically deal in General Conveyor Belts, Steel Cord Conveyor Belts, Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belts, Coal Feeder Conveyor Belt, Chevron Cleated Conveyor Belt, Rough Top Conveyor Belt and PVC/PU Conveyor Belt for over four decades. Here is a clear depiction of the basic characteristics of Conveyor Belts that we supply:

Types Of Conveyor Belts :
IDEAL conveyor belting is available in both all-Nylon (NN) and Polyester-Nylon (EP) carcass and cab we manufactured in different grades, as stated herein :
  • Grade M-24 : Compounded from premium quality natural rubber to provide excellent resistance to cuttlng gouging, wear and tear and confomts to the maximum abrasion loss value minimum tensile strength specified for Grade M-24 in IS 1&91-1 994.
  • Grade N-17 : Compounded rubber with improves life for moderately abrasive material conforming to the maximum abrasion loss value & minimum tensile strength specified for Grade N-17.
  • Grade HR : Specially compounded rubber capable of withstanding thermal degradation for prolonged periods and recommended for handling material like alumina, ash clinker, foundry sand, etc. At temperatures above 65o C and up to 120o C for fines and 140o C for coarse materials.
  • Grade SHR : Thoroughly proven in the field, this grade has been specially fomulated, using selected synthetic and natural rubber, to provide superior heat and abrasion resistance and is recommended for handling material having temperatures over 65o C upto 1 & 0o C for coarse and 1 60o C for fines.
  • Grade UHR : Specially formulated, using selected synthetic rubber to provide superior heat & abrasion resistance and is recommended for handling material like hot cement, clinker, phosphate hot sintered ore having temperatures over 165o C for coarse and over 1&0o C for fines.
  • Grade FR : The growing demand for fire resistant rubber conveyor belting has been catered by IDEAL with this grade of cover rubber. Our technologists have developed FR belting to meet as per The Bureau of Indian Standard Specification No. IS:1&91 Part (V) 1993 and The Canadian Standard Association Specification (CSA) No. CAN/CSA-M422-M&7 of 1 9&7 Type C.
  • Grade OR : This cover grade with specially blended synthetic compounds is designed to give the best possible resistance to mineral, vegetable and animal oils.
  • Grade SAR : Specially formulated from premium quality natural & synthetic rubber to provide excellent resistance to highly abrasive material against tear and wear and to the maximum abrasion loss value for 90 mm3.
  • Grade CMR : This cover grade with specially blended synthetic compounds provides best possible resistance to different chemicals.
  • Food Grade (HYGENIC) : Specially formulated from FDA approved polymers, these food grade belts are available in high abrasion resistant and oil resistant cover grades. They are also called Hygienic Conveyor Belts as they do not stain and odorize the materials to be conveyed and are widely used in the food industries.

General Conveyor Belts The General Conveyor Belts supplied by Ideal Foams Pvt. Ltd. are constructed using all nylon fabric. The types of General Conveyor Belts which we supply are Nylon Conveyor Belt and Polyester Conveyor Belt. We provide the most durable General Conveyor Belts that are specifically designed to withstand maximum impact and read more...

We supply Steel Cord Conveyor Belts that are widely used for a diverse range of applications. We are proud to mention that a unique attribute of Steel Cord Conveyor Belts, is that these are specifically designed for bucket elevators. The construction of our Steel Cord Conveyor Belts has made it a trusted choice for heavy read more...

Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belts Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belts that we supply are specifically designed for conveying high density materials to give it optimal load performance. The Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belts are best known for their quality and performance. Our Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belts ensure maximum flexing without fatigue. One read more...

Coal Feeder Conveyor Belt

We deal in Coal Feeder Conveyor Belt (also called Gravimetric Feeder Belts). We have a long list of satisfied clients who are using our Coal Feeder Conveyor Belt. Our Coal Feeder Conveyor Belt is a popular choice in power stations and cogeneration plants etc. The best feature of our Coal read more...

Chevron Cleated Conveyor Belt

Ideal Foams Pvt. Ltd. is a Supplier of Chevron Cleated Conveyor Belt. Our Chevron Cleated Conveyor Belt is in great demand by our clients as it is being widely used to convey wet and/or loose materiel up steep inclines. A special feature of our Chevron Cleated Conveyor Belt is its V-shaped C read more...

Rough Top Conveyor Belt

We supply Rough Top Conveyor Belt specifically designed for conveying fragile material which includes paper, paper bags, glass, carton boxes, packed goods, etc. A unique feature of Top Conveyor Belt is its top rubber cover. This part of our Rough Top Conveyor Belt allows it to absorb any read more...

PVC/PU Conveyor Belt


We supply specially designed PVC/PU Conveyor Belt. Our PVC/PU Conveyor Belt is constructed using polyester fabrics. The best feature of our PVC/PU Conveyor Belts is that these are very flexible, tear resistant and have a low stretch. We supply PVC/PU Conveyor Belts to best suit read more...